Guaranteed Irish launches ‘Hero Awards’ with Artist Maser

Artist Maser awarded first Guaranteed Irish Hero Award for championing contemporary Irish art both at home and abroad

Today we launch the Guaranteed Irish ‘Hero Awards’ with Artist Maser receiving the first of six Hero Awards for his contributions to contemporary Irish art. The award ceremony took place this morning at his new mural on The Tara Building; a multi display space, for creatives and start-ups on Tara Street, Dublin 2.

Speaking at today’s award ceremony, CEO of Guaranteed Irish, Brid O’Connell said:

“I am absolutely delighted to launch the Guaranteed Irish ‘Hero Awards’ and give recognition to those who have been advocates for Ireland both at home and abroad. Maser is a true ambassador for Ireland and for contemporary Irish art, so it is with great pleasure that we name him as the very first Guaranteed Irish Hero today.

“Throughout 2017 we will be championing six exceptional individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to creating a better Ireland through: jobs, community and provenance, across six categories: art, sport, science, music, technology and food. It is through their innovations and sheer hard work that they have boosted Ireland’s reputation, both nationally and internationally, and here at Guaranteed Irish, we want to recognise that.”

On receiving the Guaranteed Irish Hero Award for Art, Maser said:

It’s an honour. I hadn’t looked at my career so much in terms of those principles, [Jobs, Provenance and Community] but I now see how they all apply…

“…Collaborating and employing other Irish companies to work on large projects with me, producing the majority of my work in Ireland and to be recognised internationally as an Irish Artist. And final engaging with the community is a key part of my work, especially the experiential pieces and large public works

His mural is part of a series called ‘interrupting spaces’ and will be displayed on The Tara Building, Tara Street, Dublin 2.

The remaining Guaranteed Irish Heroes will be awarded throughout 2017, following a public nominations process. Members of the public are being asked to nominate individuals across the following categories: sport, science, music, technology and food. An outside panel of experts in each field will review a shortlist and decide the Guaranteed Irish Hero for that category.

“These awards are a great opportunity to commend someone who you consider to be a Guaranteed Irish Hero.”

“We’re asking members of the public to get involved and put forward names of anyone  who has demonstrated a real commitment to creating a better Ireland through: jobs, community and provenance across: sport, science, music, technology and food.”

The next Guaranteed Irish Hero will be awarded in March for their contributions to sport, with the remaining Heroes to be announced every two months following: science in May, music in July, technology in September and food in November.

To get involved and to nominate your Guaranteed Irish Hero, simply fill out the GI Hero nomination form and click send, remember to follow the campaign across social media with the dedicated hashtag: #GIhero.