How to Nominate your hero!

The ‘Guaranteed Irish Hero Status’ awards those who;

1. Are a positive advocate for Ireland both at home and abroad (through their chosen discipline)

2. Through innovation, they represent a modern and more diverse Ireland

3. Demonstrates a commitment to creating a better Ireland through; Jobs, Community and Provenance

Artist Maser was our first Guaranteed Irish Hero, for championing contemporary Irish art both at home and abroad. The remaining Guaranteed Irish Heroes will be awarded throughout 2017, following a public nominations process. We are asking members of the public to nominate individuals across the following categories: sport, science, music, technology and food. An outside panel of experts in each field will review a shortlist and decide the Guaranteed Irish Hero for that category.

It’s an honour. I hadn’t looked at my career so much in terms of those principles, [Jobs, Provenance and Community] but I now see how they all apply…” 


The next Guaranteed Irish Hero will be awarded in March for their contributions to sport, with the remaining Heroes to be announced every two months following: science in May, music in July, technology in September and food in November.

To get involved and to nominate your Guaranteed Irish Hero. Simple email your hero or tweet who you think should be our next #GIHero