Jando Design

Julie and Owen Mc Loughlin, are a husband and wife team based in Dublin. Creating a unique range of prints and stationery. 

Owen comes from a background in finance and Julie has spent most of her career working in Market Research. Both have always been driven by their artistic compulsions; “we both love to write, draw and create but we never really had an outlet for our creative endeavours.”

It never clicked with us that these sensibilities might lead to something more than just a hobby until we decided to get married.


“Jando actually began as a little joke!”

“We got married in New York in 2012 and wanted to create something special and fun for our family and friends to remember the day. After fruitless searches for stationery vendors which matched the vision we had for our wedding, we decided to create our own stationery. It was a mammoth undertaking which took seven months to complete.

We designed and made a personalised hardback book wedding invitation for each of our guests. On the book’s dust jacket we added the words “A Jando Publication” for the laugh and sent them out to all of our guests. We were so overwhelmed by the reaction to the book that we decided to keep going and haven’t looked back since. And so Jando was born.

Oh and for anyone that doesn’t know where the name Jando comes from, it simply means “Julie And Owen”.

As well as running Jando both of us have been holding down full time jobs also. Running your own business is never easy with a seemingly never ending mountain of work to get through on a daily basis. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to cross off even half of the items on our seemingly never ending to do list, to catch up on some much needed sleep or to just hang out with our friends and family. Running Jando has consumed our lives for the last 2 years. Having said that we love every single minute of it.


In January 2017 we are about to take one of our biggest steps so far – Owen will be leaving his current job to concentrate on running Jando full time. We are hoping that this move will give us more time to work on a new collection of prints that we’ve been planning for almost a year now. Most importantly, we hope that this move will allow us to strike a better work / life balance so we can spend more time with one another, our families and our friends.

A lot of our work is informed and influenced by music. We listen to music constantly – we simply could not function without it. On a given day you’ll hear anything from Springsteen to Slayer to Talking Heads in our studio. Anything goes. From a design perspective we love the disciplined colourful work of Peter Saville, the abstract work of Stanley Donwood and the beauty in the coarseness of pretty much everything created by Russell Mills.