Insights from our Masterclass on CSR

GI Masterclass on CSR

We were delighted to host an engaging and insightful masterclass on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for both Guaranteed Irish members and non-members recently.

‘Giving your Business a Competitive Edge – How CSR Helps You Stand Out From the Crowd’ took place at the Bank of Ireland Workbench in Trinity College Dublin.  The event was moderated by Peter Bodkin, Editor of leading business news site, and our expert panel consisted of:

– Sinead Smith, Corporate Responsibility Manager at A&L Goodbody;

– Charlie Murphy, Communications Manager at Dublin Port Company; and

– Seamus Sheridan, Director of Sheridan’s Cheese.

A lively discussion was had and some of the key insights shared by our panellists included:

– CSR is about responsible practices across all of a company’s operations; it shouldn’t be focused just on one area or seen as a nice add-on.

– In addition to supporting charity partners, CSR can be about a business’s procurement practices. For Sheridan’s Cheese, for example, their CSR focus from day one has been on procurement, and ensuring they treat their producers fairly and responsibly.  This doesn’t simply mean paying them on time; it includes consciously choosing to work with and support small suppliers rather than choosing larger, wholesale suppliers.

– Your company’s CSR policy lets the public know what type of company you are. While not the main purpose of CSR, having a good CSR policy helps a company to grow and gets people talking about the company positively.

– Increasingly, clients are asking about companies’ CSR policies. Having a good CSR policy is important in winning potential clients, it’s important to include in tenders, and it’s important for recruiting top talent.

The masterclass was well attended by a mix of people from both the business and not-for-profit sectors, and we were delighted to see lots of networking taking place and strong business connections being made at the event.

We’ll be announcing details of our autumn masterclasses very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!