New research from Amarach on the benefits of displaying our brand

Research based opportunities for Guaranteed Irish business members (Amárach)

– Almost three quarters (73%) feel that it is important for Irish companies to highlight the Irish origin and connection of their products.Almost 8 in 10 (78%) would like to see more companies display the guaranteed Irish symbol.

– 96% feel that it is just as important as five years ago that people buy from companies with a vested interest in Ireland, with 55% feeling it is more important.

– Creating jobs and a general positive impact on the economy are seen as the main advantages of buying goods with the Guaranteed Irish symbol.

– When it comes to purchasing products of a similar nature, with no mention of a price difference, 84% would pick the product that displayed the Guaranteed Irish symbol over the product/ service without the symbol.

– Almost 6 in 10 (59%) would like to see more high profile individuals endorse the values of Guaranteed Irish through appearances in advertising and a social media presence. Witnessing these high profile people actually buying / using Irish products for their personal use outside of endorsements would also appeal to the Irish audience.