Ocean Leaves Energy & Facilities

K + M Aquatic Plant Enterprises operates out of Killinick, Co. Wexford, within easy reach of the miles of stunning coastline in South East Ireland. Known as the “Sunny South East”, it is also known for its rich diversity of seaweed plant life, it was this diversity and Mother Nature’s source of raw material that inspired Mary Meyler to start K + M Aquatic Plant Enterprises. Her goal was to harness the natural benefits of seaweed, to develop products for use in domestic gardens, as well as within the agricultural and horticultural community, which are kind to the environment. And so, in 2013, Ocean Leaves® was born. Ocean Leaves® Liquid Seaweed Extract and Ocean Leaves® Wild Organic Seaweed, act as biostimulants and can help to regulate and enhance the plant’s physiological process, thereby increasing plant health and plant growth, as well as improving soil condition.