Tayto Food & Bev

Largo Foods prides itself on the oldest member in their portfolio, Tayto, which was established by Joe ‘Spud’ Murphy in 1954, at a time when most crisps were imported from the U.K. and were unflavoured, bar the small blue bag of salt included in each bag. Spotting a niche in the Irish market, Joe Murphy set up his own crisp factory. Credited with inventing the first ever Cheese & Onion flavoured crisps, the brand name Tayto has now become synonymous with crisps across Ireland. Production of the Cheese & Onion flavour crisps started in a factory on Moore Street, Dublin, where after being packed by hand in waxed greaseproof paper, the crisps were deliver­ed to the retailer in an airtight tin, to help maintain their freshness. Today, Tayto is still best known for the original cheese and onion crisps, but the brand is more than just a crisp. Tayto Popcorn is the ideal accompaniment to a movie, Tayto Bistro is a more indulgent hand cooked crisp, and of course there’s the Tayto snacks range which includes established favourites like Snax, Waffles and Mighty Munch.