5 Online Retail Tips for 2023, from Pharmacy eCommerce Leaders, Magico

Guaranteed Irish Members, and Pharmacy eCommerce Leaders, Magico, have shared with us 5 key online retail tips for 2023.

Mobile Optimisation

Almost half of all online purchases made in Ireland in 2022 were through a mobile device – the second-highest rate in Europe. Don’t lose out on impulse sales because you are not mobile optimised.

Payment Options

Offering more than one payment method can help boost conversion rate. Ensure that online shoppers, particularly mobile shoppers can benefit from faster transactions, without sacrificing security.


A fruitful means of staying connected with your customers, it shows how much you understand them. Introduce via your email marketing, or incorporate into your online store but retailers failing to personalise will lose sales to savvier competitors.


2023 will see increased interaction with Chatbots. Consumers expect that they can access customer support on demand, and will increasingly expect to engage online with retailers with product queries or for post-sales support. Live and automated chat is the one tool that can bridge that gap and bring that rich customer experience of chatting to the instore team, online. 

Think Retail not Online vs Physical

Successful Pharmacy retailers don’t think of online retail and physical retail as separate functions, it’s all Retail! The key to omnichannel success is understanding your customer, and all the touchpoints your customer has with your brand during the customer journey. 

The challenge for 2023 is how to grow your online pharmacy business.  The question at the forefront of every eCommerce team should not be, how can we improve our website but rather how can we better serve our customers. You need to know your customer both instore and online and be prepared to continuously adapt, addressing changes in consumer behaviour. In a rapidly changing environment consumers expectations are constantly evolving, so stay in tune with your customer and deliver an experience that keeps them coming back for more.


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