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Corporate Gifts 2019: The Top 5 Reasons to #BuyGI
12 December 2018|News


Looking for corporate gifts for your business next Christmas? Here are the top five reasons why you should #BuyGI:

1. Supporting Irish jobs.

Guaranteed Irish members support the Irish economy through the creation of high-quality, sustainable jobs in Ireland. When you buy from a Guaranteed Irish business, you are playing your role in supporting these jobs. 

2. Sustaining Irish communities.

Guaranteed Irish members are based in local communities throughout Ireland and keep these communities thriving. Support Guaranteed Irish businesses and keep the heartbeat alive in Ireland.

3. Promoting Ireland as a global player in business.

By supporting business that operate in Ireland, you are helping to make Ireland’s economy more self-sustaining and showcasing Ireland across the globe. Guaranteed Irish gifts are ideal for international corporate clients, and we think they are a little more special!

4. Investing in Irish craft, creativity and innovation.

By championing a Guaranteed Irish business for your corporate gifts, you are demonstrating that your company cares about entrepreneurs, craftspeople and creatives operating in Ireland.

5. Showcasing Ireland’s finest to overseas companies.

By sending these products to corporate clients abroad, you are opening doors for some of Ireland’s finest entrepreneurs, who will benefit greatly from your support. 


Browse our membership directory here to see which members might offer a suitable corporate gift that reflects your business’s values. You can also contact team member Amanda at for more personalised advice.

Be sure to #BuyGI this Christmas, and follow Guaranteed Irish on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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