GI Arts Hero | Maser
30 January 2017|Heroes, News

Maser - Guaranteed Irish Arts Hero

In January, our first ‘Guaranteed Irish Hero’ for the Arts was awarded to Maser, for his work in contemporary Irish art.

Maser is an Irish-born artist who began painting graffiti on the streets of Dublin in 1995 under the nickname ‘Maser’. He soon earned the respect of other graffiti artists in Ireland and throughout Europe for his unique abstracted style, eventually allowing him to paint walls in countries such as the UK, Austria, Germany, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United States. His work shifted from typography and signage-influenced art in the 2010 ‘They Are Us’’ Project to more recent graphic representation and geometric abstraction by emphasising simplicity and unassuming techniques.

His large scale mural work and his collaborations with artists such as musician Damien Dempsey, TED prize winner – JR, Connor Harrington, and Fintan Magee have won him notoriety not only in the graffiti world, but also have helped establish him in the contemporary art world. Most recently he was invited as one of 11 selected artists to produce a film to accompany the songs on U2’s 13th studio album ‘Songs of Innocence’. In recent years his work has allowed him explore new mediums and produce works not only on walls but now canvas, video and large scale 3D installations.

In 2013 he worked with Tandem Press at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, USA to create an edition of fine art prints, which were recently exhibited at IFPDA Print Fair 2014, New York, Ink Miami and Expo Chicago. 

On receiving the Guaranteed Irish Hero Award for Art, Maser said: 

“It’s an honour. I hadn’t looked at my career so much in terms of those principles, [Jobs, Provenance and Community] but I now see how they all apply…Collaborating and employing other Irish companies to work on large projects with me, producing the majority of my work in Ireland and to be recognised internationally as an Irish Artist. And final engaging with the community is a key part of my work, especially the experiential pieces and large public works”