Green Gifting from The Green Grocer’s Daughter.

Sharon Fitzpatrick of The Green Grocer’s Daughter founded the luxury hamper company with the aim to gift people something meaningful with a delightful assortment of complimentary high-quality food products. There is a luxury hamper to suit everyone’s needs, whether you require a corporate gift to say thank you to your dedicated employees or a big assortment of luxury festive treats for your family this Christmas, which you KNOW will not go to waste. Further, with a hamper range specifically devoted to Guaranteed Irish products, you can rest assured that you are doing your bit to contribute to your community, the circular economy, and our planet. Speaking to Sharon this week, we discussed Green Grocer’s Daughter’s current measures to reduce their environmental impact.


 As a Guaranteed Irish member and featured on, Sharon speaks of the domino effect it has on her brand’s sustainable positioning. The triple bottom line of sustainability – people, planet, and profit- is intrinsically observed by Guaranteed Irish members, given their commitment to provenance, community, and local employment. The decision to become a member, Sharon says with ease, was a no brainer– given the inherent sustainable ethos of Guaranteed Irish. Membership allows Sharon to instantly connect with suppliers and cut out the middleman that lengthen the food supply chain we are so eager to shorten, really enhancing her efforts to reduce the farm to fork trail.

Sharon and her hard-working team incorporate every element of the triple bottom line. First and foremost, the concept of luxury hampers came from a place of struggling to find meaningful gifts to thank the dedicated staff of sister company Fitzer’s Catering. Throughout lockdown, The Green Grocer’s Daughter managed to keep staff employed and create a sense of community and gratitude for the small wins, given the difficult circumstances we all found ourselves in. To contribute to the community, Sharon goes to great lengths to buy from Irish suppliers which results in a mutually beneficial feeling of togetherness and high-quality goods and services. Many of Sharon’s Irish suppliers are also proud Guaranteed Irish members and can be found on

The planet, on the other hand, is the prevailing conversation when it comes to the sustainable agenda in recent years. The Green Grocer’s Daughter’s recent partnership with non-profit ‘Bugs Bees and Native Trees’ was partly born out of Sharon’s affinity with nature and partly out of an intention to neutralize any negative impact the company has on the environment. By donating a sum of money to the initiative, a company can plant a copse of native trees with a plaque featured in recognition of the donation.  Not only does this reduce atmospheric CO2 emissions but instills a sense of community action and fulfillment. Inspiration from the initiative lead to a new hamper concept in the pipeline dedicated to seeds, bulbs and giving back to nature. Further efforts to lessen the company’s environmental impact include the combination of delivery runs and resources with sister company Fitzer’s Catering, whilst consciously planning the shortest routes possible. Their hamper boxes are characterized by their functionality and simplicity. Whilst being 100% recyclable, upcycling the boxes for storage and converting glass jars and bottles to vases for your dining table, are a great way to reuse the purpose-built packaging.

Sharon intends to keep shortening the supply chain through creating own-brand products and supplying from Guaranteed Irish members, asserting that we are indeed #AllTogetherBetter.

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