Guaranteed Irish member M&C Hybrid Energy Win the Wellbeing Workplace Award at the SFA National Small Business Awards 2021.

Congratulations to M & C Hybrid Energy for winning the Wellbeing Workplace Award at the SFA National Small Business Awards 2021!

M & C are a Guaranteed Irish renewable energy company who provide consultations on all projects, including examining energy usage, carbon emissions, and energy bills, looking at the needs of the building and match with best solutions including Solar PV, Heat Pumps, Wood Pellet Stoves, LED Lighting, and Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation.

Through the installation of these products, M & C Hybrid Energy can reduce customers CO2 footprint per KWH used, and their electric bills by up to 50% resulting euro savings and improving the efficiency of their home or business.   M & C work privately and with SEAI in the new build and retrofit markets, with domestic homeowners, commercial businesses, agricultural businesses, and community organisations

Owners of M & C Hybrid Energy use their home as a client showroom and a case study, and welcome people to visit (pre covid-19, now online) to show them the products in use and discuss the savings.



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