How to securely navigate the Christmas online shopping spree by keeping it local

Did you know 81% of consumers believe buying Irish is important?1 Now is the time to support Irish businesses.

The pandemic accelerated online shopping trends with 68% of Irish consumers increasing their online purchasing in 2020 compared with 20192. Guaranteed Irish and .IE are determined to see these trends grow. Though, with this comes concerns for online security and safety for personal data breaches and online transactions.

In the run up to Christmas, consumers should consider these recommendations from .IE and Guaranteed Irish, to ensure they have a safe and seamless online shopping experience.

  1. Shop Local – .ie websites reflect businesses with an Irish connection

Seeking out a local .ie website is an effective way to discover businesses with an Irish connection, a requirement when applying for a .ie domain. Though a business does not have to be physically located on the island of Ireland to have a .ie, they will have a proven connection to the country, supporting local enterprise and offering consumer choice. That said, 91% of .ie domains are registered by businesses and individuals located on the island of Ireland 3.

In parallel to this, 91% of Irish consumers naturally associate .ie websites with Irish business over websites with different domains4. It goes without saying that consciously looking out for the .ie will steer you in the direction of a local e-shopping experience.

For further information, please visit

Guaranteed Irish Gifts, is one such trusted, secure platform where consumers can ensure they shop locally through a .ie website and support local Irish business. Not only will you be secure navigating on, but you can access 100s of locally based businesses to complete all your Christmas shopping tasks, safe in the knowledge that Guaranteed Irish Gifts has sent you to a reliable website.

2. Shop Smart – Be aware of delivery timelines and additional charges

Before purchasing online there are some practicalities to be aware of.

Firstly, the address and location of the retailer is important to determine as it will naturally affect delivery periods. This information is usually found on the FAQ, help, shopping cart areas of a website. If it is not available, email or phone customer service for clarification. It goes without saying that shopping early will help avoid disappointment and ensure you receive your items on time. In the lead up to the Christmas period, there can often be delays in receiving items due to increase in demand, potential supply issues and delivery delays.

Secondly, delivery details should be considered in order to be fully aware of all costs associated with the delivery of your items including taxes and charges. With that in mind, being aware of returns policies and the processes involved should you want to return your item at a later date is also important to consider.

With less than two months left until Christmas, shopping smart online means starting now. If a lack of inspiration is stopping you from initiating your online Christmas shopping, visiting a gift portal like will immediately kindle your imagination and surely tick off the Christmas list with a variety of gifts to suit everyone.

  1. Shop Safely – Look for the lock

Another simple tip for ensuring you are safely browsing the web is to always look for websites whose address begins with a https:// (as opposed to a http). This demonstrates greater security when making online transactions on a website which uses an encrypted protocol. In simple terms, look for the lock! The lock will ensure your data is protected and your transaction is safe.

If prices seem too good to be true, they most likely are. Avoid clicking on unsolicited links and use your common sense when it comes to deals and prices.

And finally, consider shopping with trusted retailers and recognisable brands. If you are suspicious, do your research to see if other shoppers have the same concerns or have had bad experiences.

The Christmas shopping list countdown is on. With these valuable recommendations in mind, all that’s left to do is pop your feet up on the sofa and start your e-window shopping through from the comfort of your own home.

Visit for hundreds of gift ideas this Christmas. Shop local on a trusted .ie website.

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