M&C Hybrid Energy aim to protect the environment, one community at a time by switching to renewable energy.

As a Guaranteed Irish leading renewable energy solutions provider, M&C Hybrid Energy have one main aim- to make Ireland ‘green’ again by switching to renewable energy, eliminating fossil fuels, and protecting our environment, one community at a time.

Since 2020 M&C Hybrid Energy have played an integral role in retrofit and new build projects, working for a number of county councils around Ireland.

The construction of social housing in Ireland is advancing, with new building regulations ensuring the homes are A-Rated, low energy homes. M&C Hybrid Energy have had the pleasure of working with Monaghan County council, and Cavan County council on new build sites, advising and installing renewable heat pump systems, and full heating control and mechanics, including radiators. The installation of heat pumps will allow the tenants to have a continuous flow of heat and hot water all year round, providing comfort and security for families, while working on electricity, meaning no separate heating bill, and maximum efficiency when turned on. Apart from the cost saving for the tenant, these heat pumps are future proofing the building for decades to come.

M&C Hybrid Energy have also worked on a large retrofit project with Longford County council, installing heat pumps, and full heating control and mechanics, including radiators. Again, working with the council to ensure comfort, warmth, low energy bills and lower carbon emissions for the environment. It is great to see councils around Ireland building and upgrading properties to become more energy efficient, including renewable energy solutions to eliminate fossil fuels and help Ireland reach the target of 400,000 heat pumps by 2030, as set out in Ireland’s Climate Action Plan.

M&C Hybrid Energy have works planned with more councils for 2022 and take great pride in helping local communities become more sustainable for the good of the planet.



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