Ministers Harris and Ryan launch ‘Climate Ready’ programme to prepare Irish businesses for climate change.

Guaranteed Irish welcomes new Government-backed programme aiming to help Irish businesses respond to the climate emergency.

Climate Ready’ was launched on Wednesday the 7th of April by Ministers Simon Harris and Eamon Ryan. This is a 5-year climate initiative devised by Skillnet Ireland to equip businesses in Ireland with the skills needed to respond to climate change. Skillnet Ireland are working with Chambers Ireland, Wind Energy Ireland and Sustainable Finance Ireland to support over 1,100 companies in Ireland in facing the challenges climate change will present to businesses. 

The initiative includes training on how to reduce energy waste and increase savings, as well as protecting the environment. The Water Stewardship programme is expanding to allow businesses to reduce water consumption. Online courses have been designed to help staff understand how important sustainable actions are in Ireland’s collective response to climate action. Finally, several informative engagements with experts will be run on various sustainability-related topics. 

There are different kinds of specialised training on offer in the areas of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Corporate Responsibility. 

Three different courses: 

The Sustainability Pass is a short course to develop awareness, knowledge, and skills across the workforce in sustainability areas such as energy, water waste, and more. Registration for this course is now open and it can be commenced on demand. It is fully funded by the Government and therefore free to take part in, as well as being only 30-60 minutes long and delivered online. 

The Energy Leaders Programme aims to assist businesses and energy professionals with sessions on how to reduce waste, increase savings and protect the environment. The start date is May 2021 and this training is 12 weeks long. It is free of charge and comprised of a series of online workshops and mentoring sessions.  

Finally, there are Masterclasses which are practical sessions curated by experts and based on important sustainability related topics. These masterclasses are aimed at senior leaders and those responsible for climate action within businesses. There are four masterclasses, the first is on April 20th 2021 and the fourth is on the 2nd of June 2021. 

Brid O’Connell CEO Guaranteed Irish said “Guaranteed Irish welcomes the ‘Climate Ready’ programme and encourages our members to use the resources provided to prepare Irish business for climate change. The conscious consumer increasingly associates supporting locally based business with reducing our carbon footprint. Recent Red C Research shows that by purchasing products and/or services with the Guaranteed Irish brand 94% of consumers believe they are reducing their carbon footprint.’

Registration for the training above can be done at, but there are limited spaces! More training sessions will be brought out over the next five years for those who miss them this time around. 

Certain businesses are not eligible for participation. These include non-commercial public sector organisations, charity or not-for-profit organisations, and business outside the Republic of Ireland. 


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