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Join the ‘Guaranteed Irish Global Register’
16 March 2018|News

Calling all global Irish business leaders to support Guaranteed Irish

Guaranteed Irish is a not-for-profit business membership organisation representing over 300 homegrown and international businesses in Ireland. Guaranteed Irish is the national symbol of provenance and trust, and the symbol is worn as a badge of honour by our members who provide jobs, support local communities and are proud of their Irish provenance.

Through the use of the widely-recognised Guaranteed Irish symbol, in addition to PR and marketing campaigns, networking events and lobbying activities, Guaranteed Irish helps its members to expand at home and abroad, contributing to Ireland’s international reputation for quality goods and services, and showcasing Ireland as best-in-class for business.

Why join the Guaranteed Irish Global Register?

As international expansion is a key focus for our members in 2018, we’d like to connect our members with Irish business leaders abroad. A little advice, a point in the right direction, or a simple introduction can help Irish businesses in their ambitions to scale up and export. We invite you to become a ‘Guaranteed Irish Global Supporter’ by lending a hand to our member companies which are looking to expand to new markets.

Please download, complete and return the Guaranteed Irish Global Register Form to to join our Global Register and become a ‘Guaranteed Irish Global Supporter’.