‘Meet Guaranteed Irish’ Event
08 March 2018|Events

Guaranteed Irish Month launch, Irish Stock Exchange, February 2018

The 300+ members of Guaranteed Irish, the not-for-profit business membership organisation championing homegrown and international businesses operating in Ireland, are calling on the Irish government to better recognise and acknowledge the contribution made by these businesses to local communities and the overall Irish economy.

The organisation is also calling for government funding to support their objective of showcasing Ireland’s exceptional reputation – at home and abroad – as a great place to work and do business.

This call for increased support from the Irish government will be re-iterated during a ‘Meet Guaranteed Irish’ event in Buswells Hotel in Dublin on Tuesday, 27th March 2018, which is taking place to coincide with the fact that March has been designated the first ever Guaranteed Irish Month.

The ‘Meet Guaranteed Irish’ event will showcase the wide range of businesses operated by members. Guests, including political representatives, will be invited to learn first-hand about the contribution Guaranteed Irish members make to the Irish economy.

Currently, the 300+ members of Guaranteed Irish employ nearly 50,000 people in Ireland, generating a turnover of €11bn. Globally, members generate a turnover of €25.84bn, with 46% currently exporting, primarily to the UK, US and mainland Europe.

A range of Guaranteed Irish members will be available at the event to share their unique experiences of how operating out of Ireland has added a competitive advantage to their business – at home and overseas. They will highlight how availability of top talent, strong access to Government support, and an inherent culture of innovation has also been extremely beneficial for their operations. This event will also offer members an opportunity to network with political representatives, as well as other Guaranteed Irish members. Companies interested in joining the organisation are also very welcome to attend.

International expansion is a key focus for Guaranteed Irish members in 2018, and as a result, the organisation will be using the ‘Meet Guaranteed Irish’ event to call on the Irish Government to work closely with them to:

  • Recognise the significant contribution Guaranteed Irish businesses make to the national and regional economies in the form of jobs, community and provenance
  • Promote and endorse members of Guaranteed Irish at home and abroad as ‘best-in-class’ when it comes to delivering products, services, talent and innovation

During Guaranteed Irish Month, the organisation is also calling on business leaders at home and the Irish diaspora abroad, to register on the Guaranteed Irish Global Register to assist member companies who are considering exporting to new markets.

Brid O Connell, CEO of Guaranteed Irish, says:

“In the current economic climate, it has never been more important for the Irish government to champion ‘best-in-class’ businesses who are making a significant contribution to Ireland’s economy and building our reputation internationally as a great place to work and do business. As confidence and the Irish economy grows, our outlook becomes more global. International expansion will be a key focus for Guaranteed Irish members in 2018 as Ireland aims to remain competitive.

“This is why now more than ever, it is essential that Guaranteed Irish businesses receive extra government support and endorsement to ensure businesses continue to invest in Ireland. We are looking forward to meeting political representatives from all over the country at our Meet Guaranteed Irish event and offering them the chance to witness first-hand the economic and social contribution made by our members.”

Guaranteed Irish Month – March – is set to become an annual event which will put the spotlight on businesses in Ireland which create sustainable jobs and add significant value to their local communities.