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Q&A Series: Niamh Hogan of Holos Skincare
08 November 2018|Q&A Series


Guaranteed Irish member Holos Skincare is a luxurious collection of plant-based aromatherapeutic skincare products that improve skin health and help prevent signs of ageing. We sat down with founder Niamh Hogan, the businesswoman behind these products, to learn more about her experience running a beauty company in Ireland.

How did Holos Skincare come about?

It all began with a love of holistic therapy. I worked as a natural health therapist for 13 years, where I would make essential oil blends for my patients. After I noticed the significant effect that these mixtures had on my patients’ results, I started selling the blends so that they could be used at home. Soon the products were generating buzz online, and people were asking me how to buy them! Things were a bit hectic in the beginning; I was processing most of my orders via Facebook and PayPal and my husband, a designer, was making the labels for the products himself. Once I realised the potential of the business, I set up a website and officially launched Holos Skincare in 2014.

Why is it important to you that your products are made entirely of natural ingredients?

A love of all things natural has been a common theme running throughout my life – I like to eat food with natural ingredients, and I make my own natural cleaning products for my home. To me, it is innate in humans to prefer natural ingredients to synthetic ones. Our bodies understand it – there is so much goodness in natural products. And because of this innate understanding, our bodies are able to absorb the nutrients more effectively and experience better results from products made with natural ingredients.

What are some of the challenges that your business faces?

Definitely that of financing and investment. Of course, this is a problem faced by everyone that owns a business – recruiting investors and securing the money required in order to run the company. While it may not be my favourite aspect of my job as a business owner, it is a necessary task that can be very rewarding when done properly.

You appeared on RTÉ’s Dragon’s Den. What was that experience like?

It was certainly an intimidating challenge! For a company like Holos Skincare, which revolves around the sale of physical products, I think an opportunity like Dragon’s Den is worth braving, as the level of PR it provides often leads to sales regardless of whether or not the company secures investment from one of the Dragons. Besides, the confidence you get from doing something like that. It’s unbelievable.

Why did you choose to become a member of Guaranteed Irish?

Well firstly, I feel that the symbol carries a huge amount of weight to my customers as a representation of the product’s authentic Irish heritage. This sense of heritage is very important to contemporary Irish consumers, who are becoming increasingly interested in supporting businesses in Ireland. I also find that the PR opportunities Guaranteed Irish provides in the press, on social media, and at networking events are hugely helpful. A business like Holos Skincare thrives on visibility, so the exposure that Guaranteed Irish provides is invaluable.

What’s up next for Holos Skincare?

We’ve just launched with a distributor in Hong Kong, which is quite exciting! We were approached by Dermatcare HK, who wanted to become the sole distributors of Holos in Hong Kong. After they agreed to a set of conditions laid down by us, we decided to partner with them and take Holos to Asia!

What does Holos Skincare have in store for Christmas?

We’ve got great things in store – we’re offering a new, Christmas-themed range of candles and essential oil blends designed with aromatherapy in mind, which will make the perfect Christmas gift. The new blends have just been released on our website, so be sure to check them out!


Visit the Holos Skincare website here or follow Holos Skincare on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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