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Regatta Great Outdoors joins Guaranteed Irish
28 September 2018|News

10Regatta Great Outdoors, a leading outdoor apparel and accessory brand, has been announced as a new member of Guaranteed Irish.

Regatta Great Outdoors employs over 175 staff in Ireland with 21 standalone stores and 11 concession stands across Ireland, with a mission to make a difference in store location by creating a sense of community with the brand. Regatta has been approved for Guaranteed Irish membership as a result of the company’s commitment to Irish jobs, community and provenance.

Commenting on the news is Gavin Fox from Regatta saying:

“Regatta Great Outdoors is delighted to become a member of the iconic Guaranteed Irish organisation. With 21 stores across Ireland, and more planned, we are a very happy Irish company with our roots based in Cork. Ticking all the boxes that allows us to join Guaranteed Irish simply endorses our mammoth efforts to make Regatta Great Outdoors a recognised household name in Ireland over the past 18 years.”

Regatta Great Outdoors joins Guaranteed Irish. Repro Free. Photo by Kevin Mcfeely

Brid O’Connell, Chief Executive Officer of Guaranteed Irish, added:

“We are delighted to welcome Regatta Great Outdoors to Guaranteed Irish. This company is a shining example of the three core criteria that we look for from companies who want to display the Guaranteed Irish symbol – they are providing long-term jobs, have strong engagement with their local communities and are committed to Irish provenance.

It is also great to welcome a UK-headquartered business with significant Irish operations to Guaranteed Irish. As well as indigenous businesses, our membership includes international companies which have a strong presence in Ireland. They make a considerable contribution to the economy and it’s important that they are part of our success story. Ireland can’t depend on foreign direct investment nor indigenous growth alone – a combination of both is required. We can all learn from each other. As a result, we believe that Regatta Great Outdoors has a lot to contribute to the Guaranteed Irish organisation and we are really looking forward to working with the team in the future.”

Regatta has a simple mission – to provide stylish, superior clothing at affordable prices as well as excellent customer service, advice and engagement. 

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