Spotlight on…Platinum & Diamond Nutrition
12 October 2017|News

As part of GI Pharma Month during October, we shine a spotlight on our members in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Here, Jason McGarry speaks about his Galway-based company, Platinum & Diamond Nutrition.

Platinum & Diamond Nutrition deliver innovative, research driven, sports nutrition, weight-management products, vitamins and minerals, and natural sleep aids that are of the highest quality on the market.

Our target market is the health conscious, fitness enthusiast looking to fuel their workouts and optimally recover after training. The Platinum range is specially tailored for athletes, who are performing at the highest level, these would include CrossFit athletes, GAA players, etc. Our Diamond range has been developed specifically for women looking to recover from exercise, lose weight and get a good night’s sleep. Both ranges have gotten a lot of attention from both the Irish media and on social media platforms and are favourites among the health and fitness community; including Roz Purcell, Suzanne Jackson and many others.

Platinum & Diamond Nutrition products can be found in over 300 retail locations nationwide including all major pharmacies chains: Lloyds, McCabes, Sam McCauleys, Cara, Meaghers and we’ve recently launched with Boots Ireland. Other stockists include Health Food Stores, Elite Gyms and Performance Centers.

With a team of dedicated experts, we apply current, cutting-edge scientific knowledge and research driven solutions to all aspects of sporting performance and general well-being.

The Platinum and Diamond ranges are comprised of ingredients that are sourced and produced to the highest of standards anywhere in the world. I am proud to say that we’re at the forefront of sports nutrition, and we demand premium quality ingredients in each of our products.

One of our bestselling products is Diamond RnR (Rest & Relaxation), it has become the bestselling natural sleeping aid in Lloyds Pharmacies nationwide.

100% Irish = 100% Quality is the our motto. Platinum & Diamond Nutrition products are developed, manufactured and tested in Ireland. The whey protein in all of our products is derived from grass-fed, free-range cows; making it the best quality whey protein money can buy. Many of our innovative products are pharmaceutical grade quality and all of our products are 100% drug free. This is why Platinum Nutrition has partnered with many high-level athletes, including the All Ireland Hurling Champions of 2017; Galway.

There are many exciting opportunities ahead as we’re currently in discussions with the largest pharmacy chain in the U.K. to start exporting to their 2,500 stores in 2018. I’m also delighted to say that we’ve recently been awarded membership to Guaranteed Irish. To date, we’re are the only company in the sports nutrition, weight-management industry with this accreditation.

Jason McGarry is a law graduate of NUIG and has recently won the SCCUL Enterprise Award for “Customer Goods and Services” in Ireland. Visit Platinum & Diamond Nutrition’s website here, and find them on social media on Facebook and Instagram