The Road to Success: Jando Design
18 December 2017|Events, News

Jando Design - Julie McLoughlin - Gifted Fair

Irish company, Jando Design is a real-life success story. The husband and wife duo started out creating fun wedding invites and are now an award-winning design firm. Here, Julie McLoughlin, co-founder of Jando Design, talks about their success, the importance of producing in Ireland and how Guaranteed Irish has contributed to their business

Jando Design has a unique range of stationery and prints. Combining cinematic perspective and their love of architecture with a pop culture sensibility, Jando’s work is exciting and modern, with a strong emphasis placed on kineticism and the playful use of colour. Their different print series include Landmark, Dublin Town, Jameson, and they also create tote bags, greeting cards, tea towels, and notebooks.

When Julie and Owen McLoughlin set up Jando Design, they thought of Guaranteed Irish as the most obvious organisation to turn to, to help grow their business. “When we started up, neither of us had a business background,” says Julie McLoughlin. “We were looking for someone that could help us grow our brand as an Irish business, and Guaranteed Irish was a natural fit.

“We grew up with the brand symbol, from our porridge in the morning to our copy books at school, so we were always aware of it. They’ve been an amazing support ever since we joined with them.”


Jando Design started out as a fun way to make Julie and Owen’s wedding special. Having failed to find wedding stationery which reflected their personalities, they decided to design a personalised 40- page hardback book wedding invitation for each of their guests, highlighting their relationship.

“We had the words ‘A Jando Publication’ printed on them as a joke, because it stands for Julie and Owen,” says Julie. “When we came back from our honeymoon, we saw the incredible reaction to the book so we decided to keep making wedding stationery. We then ventured into screen-printing and we haven’t looked back since.”

Owen, who makes the designs, and Julie, who takes care of the practical elements of the business such as marketing along with screenprinting, are committed to keeping everything Irish. From their paper to their frames, all their materials are sourced in Ireland. “We weren’t going to compromise on keeping everything Irish. Ireland went through a tough time with the crash and we wanted to support local businesses and jobs. That’s something which we love about Guaranteed Irish.”


Owen and Julie never thought that they would become so successful. In August of this year, Jando Design won the overall prize in the Irish Country Magazine ‘Irish Made’ Awards in association with Guaranteed Irish, and Julie says they were shocked when they won the award. “The award came from a public vote instead of a judging panel, which means it was our amazing customers who took the time to vote for us. We’re still getting calls congratulating us! It’s great because it feels like a real recognition of all our hard work. I can sometimes be at my desk at 2am and wonder if all the work is worth it, and this proved that it really is.”

Julie and Owen McLoughlin Jando Design

The future

One of the highlights of Jando Design’s year has been their collaboration with Jameson Irish Whiskey to create bespoke prints that are currently available exclusively at the Jameson Distillery Bow St. But despite this success, Julie says she doesn’t like to think about what the future may hold for her business as there is no way to predict anything.

“I know it’s silly, but we try not to think too far ahead. If you had told me what was going to happen in 2017, I never would have believed you! “Owen and I will be lucky if we can keep doing what we love to do together and keep working with Guaranteed Irish. As the old saying goes: when you choose a job you love, you will never work a day in your life.”

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