Opinion: Brid O’Connell on the launch of new Guaranteed Irish #SuperBrands campaign to save jobs.

‘Guaranteed Irish #SuperBrands’ – the launch of a new campaign to save jobs.

Guaranteed Irish has been around for half a century- everyone know the iconic G, but what does it mean in 2020?

Guaranteed Irish is the national symbol of Trust- its supports all businesses in Ireland who support Jobs, invests in communities and contributes to the Irish economy through provenance.

To become a member there are three criteria each business must satisfy:

  1. Jobs
  2. Community
  3. Provenance

Membership is subject to an appraisals board and is open to all businesses in Ireland, homegrown and international, who create jobs. There is a simple application form to complete and due diligence is performed internally who assess if you make the grade to ear the licensed trademark.

Businesses who do not contribute to the economy or create jobs cannot gain entry to this club.

Now with employment support heading for 700,000 in this country, there has never been a better time to support Guaranteed Irish businesses.

Guaranteed Irish have been fast to response and many new marketing initiatives across digital, radio, webinars and podcasts are being broadcast to remind people to “Buy Guaranteed Irish”.

Today we go further as we launch our Guaranteed Irish #SuperBrands marketing campaign.

The #SuperBrands campaign will run in association with all Guaranteed Irish members and across all media channels. It is designed to save businesses and jobs and ensure that much needed cashflow to keep businesses trading. 

It is cost effective and requires everyone’s help.

So what makes a Guaranteed Irish business a SuperBrand?

By definition- ‘A super brand stands out from normal brands by becoming one that the majority of its market recognises and acknowledges as superior.

A super brand has established the finest reputation in its field’. (Superbrands.com)

Guaranteed Irish members are superior because as business leaders, their values are totally different. They strive to make a profit like all businesses but they also have a ‘community conscience’.

Only businesses that meet criteria around quality sustainable jobs, Irish Provenance and community engagement may carry the Guaranteed Irish symbol.

All Together Better

Businesses that carry the Guaranteed Irish mark on their products and services are “All together better’ because they fulfill the following criteria:

  1. They are business that provide quality sustainable jobs for people living in Ireland.
  2. They are businesses that genuinely operate and add value in Ireland.
  3. They are businesses that meaningfully engage with the local communities in which they are based.

Locally-engaged businesses that provide high quality sustainable jobs in Ireland who value trust, empowerment, enterprise and fairness are indeed SuperBrands and it is these values set them apart.

Values: differentiation using Guaranteed Irish

Guaranteed Irish is the national symbol of Trust – we all want to trust the business we are buying from.

At the heart of Guaranteed Irish is a belief that, we in Ireland, have the power to affect positive change on our own behalf- we celebrate this and encourage people to take total value into account when making choices. This has never been more evident than at this point in time where we are all seeking out Irish businesses to support.

We value the role of enterprise in breathing life and vitality into our communities. The best of enterprise brings constructive initiative and resourcefulness into our lives.

Guaranteed Irish business leaders beliefs.

Guaranteed Irish business members believe in their ability to affect positive change in the communities in which they live. This collective sense of agency is at the heart of why Guaranteed Irish exists. They believe that jobs are the first and foremost about people and their lives and that enterprise is at the heart of thriving communities. They also welcome a modern inclusive, diverse definition of ‘Irishness.’ Guaranteed Irish business leaders have always done the right thing by Ireland.

So today as a consumer, when you are spending money, consider the bigger picture, the social value and your role in helping Ireland get back to work. Consider Guaranteed Irish businesses who supply food, medicines, legal advice, or agricultural machinery. Regardless of product or service, Guaranteed Irish will most likely have a solution, so look out for it and by doing so you are supporting jobs in Ireland.

As a business leader, you also have a role to support other Guaranteed Irish service providers- from food and drink producers to Irish broadband connectivity specialists and from the Irish construction companies to the hospitality industry (when they re-open). We can as a nation “fix” this and can get back to work ‘fast’- we simply have to change our mind shift to that of a Guaranteed Irish SuperBrand and look after each other. If we have learnt one thing from this pandemic, it must be that we are ‘all together better’ as a nation when we work collaboratively.

A final note:

I am overwhelmed at the level of kindness among Guaranteed Irish members. I always felt there was a decency and a higher moral value to these members, but over the past few weeks I and my colleagues have witnessed generosity that I did not know existed in the world of commerce.

SuperValu have reached out to members of Original Irish Hotels who have all been forced to close their doors to offer temporary employment and work with them to support their cashflow – a late payment is better than no payment.

O’Neills have adapted and are making scrubs/ PPE clothing for the front line workers.

Acme blinds are making masks and visors for our hospital heroes.

Absolute Nutrition have sent in free deliveries of their delicious protein balls to the front liners in Tallaght hospital.

Big Red Cloud have adapted there software overnight to help SMEs to manage their payroll in light of revenue changes and support packages announced by our Government and the list goes on.

Media giants have offered airtime and column inches.

Law and accountancy firms have advised freely.

Yes they are all Guaranteed Irish – and yes they are our SuperBrands who will go that extra mile to get us all back to work – look out for them. They are the back bone of the country and the leaders that make us #AllTogetherBetter as a nation.

Opinion by Brid O’Connell Guaranteed Irish Chief Executive April, 2020.


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