Opinion: Dermot Murray CEO, The Insurance Institute ‘The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship – Creating an Industry Built for the Future. ‘

Insurance – one of the oldest professions in the world, and once considered by many as a stable, but potentially uninteresting career path. In today’s world however things have changed dramatically – the industry has undergone something of a transformation, having moved away from its traditional roots, it is now a dynamic and modern industry, with technology and innovation at its core.

In recent years however insurance employers were noticing that recruitment was not keeping pace with these changes. At The Insurance Institute we strive to do everything we can to promote our industry – we want to encourage ambitious individuals to realise the opportunities our industry presents and we want to reach out to the next generation of talent. The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship, which was set up in 2016, does all of this, while also ensuring apprentices are equipped for the future – it is recruiting and retaining the leaders for tomorrow.

The three year ‘earn and learn’ apprenticeship is more than just a job, it is the chance of a career in a thriving industry. Successful apprentices gain real work experience, while earning a living and working towards a third level qualification (a BA Hons in Insurance Practice). The programme is also hugely beneficial for the insurance employer, as they have access to quality employees who are highly motivated and hardworking. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

We recently announced the details of the 2020 Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship, which will have 100 places on offer nationwide. This year marks the fifth year of the programme, and while we are all living through very uncertain times – we believe our apprenticeship is robust enough to withstand the challenges currently presented.

The day to day running and coordination of the programme has been unaffected by the pandemic as the academic element is conducted online through distance learning with IT Sligo. We understand that many (both apprentices and employers) may be slightly more reluctant to get involved this year given the present environment. However, we want to reassure both parties that we, at The Insurance Institute, will be on hand to support them throughout the entire process and we will be available to them for anything they might need.

For insurance employers it’s also worth noting that there is an option whereby an existing member of staff can join the programme – this has worked extremely well in the past, and means that any junior member of staff who is looking to advance their career can do so within a well-defined education programme. The apprenticeship is a cost-effective way to ensure the employee/apprentice is receiving the best possible training and means that on a daily basis they are putting into practice everything they are learning from their studies.

Registrations are now open for the 2020 Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship which will officially begin in September. If you are a prospective employer or an apprentice and would like to learn more you can log on to www.earnandlearn.ie

We are really looking forward to the 2020 apprenticeship and to welcoming employers and apprentices onto the programme.


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