Opinion: Sarah Keyes Co-Founder of Eco Straws talks making sustainability convenient

EcoStraws.ie was developed as a business, in direct response to a consumer driven desire to eliminate disposables. The 2018 image of the turtle with the straw in its’ nose was a catalyst for governments worldwide to consider banning single-use plastics and EcoStraws.ie was ready to provide the solutions. Our reusable alternatives began with straws but quickly grew to include cups, bottles, produce bags, and other items. Essentially the products we offer are of the highest quality and should be viewed as an investment. Something that will stand the test of time and underline a commitment to sustainable living. 

Us health-conscious humans are constantly reminded to drink water and to stay hydrated. That desire to be fit, stay healthy, look younger has driven a bottled water industry worth billions. In Ireland, the market is worth €220 million annually. And that’s a lot of plastic! – unnecessary plastic that costs money to produce, to buy, and to dispose of. We at EcoStraws.ie encourage consumers to switch to a more sustainable option, a stainless steel EcoBottle.

A single purchase of a reusable stainless steel EcoBottle can save you a minimum of €550 in a year (based on a daily purchase of a 500ml bottle of water), not to mention reducing your consumption of toxins such as BPA and PS oligomers. A good quality stainless steel bottle can last for years & has the added advantage of keeping your water fresh & cool for 24 hours.

One of the core values at the centre of the EcoStraws brand was the desire to make sustainability convenient. We looked at bringing products to the market that would simplify the switch from single-use to reusable. How many times do we hear someone say they forgot their reusable coffee cup for example? Or reach for a plastic straw because their steel alternative was at home? With many of our personal reusable products, we have found a way to overcome these problems.

A collapsible EcoStraw is lightweight and sleek, attaching to a keyring or fitting into a small pocket. It is ideal for those who like to use their own straw when at a restaurant or bar and has consistently proven to be one of our best sellers. Our collapsible EcoCup, made from food grade silicone can fold into a 2-inch disc and slip easily into a pocket or small bag. Remember it takes 5.6 litres of water to produce a single paper cup. Knowing that fact should make you think twice about ever taking a disposable again!  

As part of our mission at EcoStraws we aim to encourage consumers to think ahead & to ‘choose to reuse’. Convenient reusables can become as much a part of your daily routine as the lipstick in your handbag or the comb in your pocket. We simply need to make reusing your best habit!

Plastic is not the enemy. Plastic is an essential part of modern life and is an integral part of medical devices, airplanes, cars, and homes. Single-use, disposables, on the other hand, are the scourge of our throwaway generation & the symbol of consumerism gone mad.  A single plastic straw, used once, for 5 minutes exists for 500 years. Remember that.


Sarah Keyes, Co-Founder, EcoStraws.ie


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