Revenue Update Regarding the Small Benefit Exemption for 2020

Due to the COVID-19 crisis Revenue has made it easier to engage, recognise and reward staff during this period with the Small Benefit Exemption.

Under this change made by the Revenue, if you have staff working during the crisis, remotely or at their place of work, you can give them multiple rewards up to the value of €500 in total while using the €500 Small Benefit Exemption. This means that for this group of employees, the single gift rule does not apply for 2020, where the additional award is related to an employee’s exceptional efforts during the COVID-19 crisis. If you do not maximise the €500 at Christmas, this is a great opportunity to use the balance for deserving staff.

Our Member Me2You Rewards can help you with your engagement, recognition, and rewards across multiple work locations, including employee’s homes. Recognition can include a monetary reward or be a cashless peer to peer recognition. This can be a great way to maintain team spirit and highlight individuals who really do require extra recognition from management.

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