The 12 Tips to Christmas Selling Online.

Twelve ‘fast fix’ recommendations to improve the User Experience (UX) for Guaranteed Irish members and increase sales this Christmas. was launched as a portal in October in response to a desire from consumers to support Irish businesses and jobs from “one site”. They  want a one-stop shop that is authentic and trustworthy where they can support multiple makers and producers.

The portal is simply a gateway to your site for consumers- in order to inspire people to buy from your site it must be easy. Here are a few tips, I hope will help you attract more business.

Here are some tips you can improve on today and increase your sales.

  1. Bring your website Up to date with the Guaranteed Irish logo on home page (such as top right hand corner). People are looking for this currently. Contact for this if you have lost your original link to the artwork.
  2. Use the current Guaranteed Irish logo- do not use the old logo (take the old logo down).
  3. Put the Guaranteed Irish logo  on your products where appropriate and approved- if in doubt drop an email to for clarity.
  4. Remove contradictory logos- Butterfly/ lovehearts/Tricolour- these do not mean the same thing as Guaranteed Irish and confusion is leading to distrust with your website and of course this results in a lost sale.
  5. The Guaranteed Irish current logo delivers the message of ‘Trust and /Provenance/Irish’- use this in your messaging and across your social platform messaging.
  6. Link, tag and connect with Guaranteed Irish across all the social platforms you are using- we will share and amplify your message to drive additional interest to your site. We have a team to spot everything connected with us- their job is to amplify a members story- but you must tag us to let us know.
  7. Your website needs to be compatible across all devices- most of them are impossible to shop on by phone- which is what people use the most.
  8. Contact your web designer to ensure it is compatible across all devices. If they say it costs a lot of money and time- it is not true. You need a web site builder who you trust and can act quickly and regularly.
  9. Use strong but compressed images that do not slow your site down- speed is everything.
  10. Be consistent in your messaging
  11. Have an easy way to pay- ecommerce is so easy now with stripe, paypal etc- make it easy to check out and reduce the clicks for the consumer.
  12. Shipping costs- can you review and reduce these? Many of your international competitors are offering ‘free shipping” and building the costs into their product price.  I am not sure you can do anything about this but shipping costs are prohibitive and not commercially competitive.

By Brid O’Connell, CEO, Guaranteed Irish. 




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