Tipperary Company Duggan Veterinary Supplies Launches Alvodex™ Hand Sanitiser to Help Combat Covid-19.

Recent events with sanitiser recalls have demonstrated the importance of purchasing and consuming products that are properly registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine (DAFM).

In a recent statement by the DAFM, only products listed on the Biocidal product register may be placed on the market in Ireland. Further to this, it is mandatory that all approved products bear clearly visible PCS, IE-BPA or EU numbers on the label.

Here at Duggan Veterinary Supplies, we worked closely with the Department of Agriculture to ensure full compliance across our complete product range of biocidal products, as the customers’ safety is paramount to us. This includes our hand sanitising gel, Alvodex™. Alvodex™ is a new alcohol-based hand sanitiser that is manufactured and bottled in Tipperary in accordance with World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations.

Alvodex™ is an anti-microbial alcohol hand sanitiser that helps combat the spread of 99.9% of germs and viruses, including Covid-19. This new hand sanitiser is produced using alcohol from the Cooley Distillery in Co. Louth and is manufactured and bottled in Tipperary. Together both Irish companies have strived to offer a proven solution to combatting the horrific and detrimental effects of Covid 19.

In addition, our high-quality alcohol hand sanitising gel has been selected by the Dept. of Education for supply to schools around Ireland, ensuring that we have played a real role in combatting Covid-19, keeping people safe within our communities. The school system has been particularly affected by recent sanitiser recalls – 43 biocidal and nine other products have been removed from the approved list of products for schools. To help ensure rapid access to safe and efficacious hand sanitiser, we responded quickly and operated a 24-hour sanitiser emergency delivery service to meet the needs of the schools that had been affected by the recall.

As well as being regulatory compliant, we are also confident that Alvodex™ is particularly child-friendly, primarily due to the inclusion of pharmaceutical grade, rather than industrial grade, constituents which contributes to a satisfying moisturising effect.

Donal Duggan, Managing Director of DVS saidOver the course of 40 years in business, we’ve always strived to provide high quality products that our customers can trust.  Alvodex™, which is being manufactured in Tipperary using alcohol from Cooley Distillery in Co. Louth, was launched this year to help provide a quality and effective solution to what has been a substantial challenge to all areas of society. Using our internal expertise at DVS, all members of the team contributed to produce one of the highest quality hand sanitisers available on the Irish market due to utilising very pure, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. In doing so, we also made a contribution to the local economy through enterprise and local job creation”.

Since February of this year, we have created seven new jobs pertaining to the research, manufacturing, sales, and marketing of Alvodex™ – a number which will increase as the company continues to grow.

Being innovative and agile in response to an identified need is nothing new for us. We support the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of a wide range of products for human, veterinary, and environmental sectors across Europe. Our portfolio spans the breadth of healthcare-related products, from medical devices and diagnostics to hygiene and pharmaceuticals.

At a time when supporting Irish businesses has never been more important, Duggan Veterinary Supplies is proudly Irish and has recently become a member of Guaranteed Irish, fully supporting the ethos of ‘’All Together Better’’.  



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