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Benefits of membership

Competitive advantage

Attract talent by demonstrating that you share Guaranteed Irish values around jobs, communities and provenance.

National and international exposure

Through Guaranteed Irish marketing, PR and social media campaigns you can gain national and international exposure.

Training and research

Get access to Guaranteed Irish training programmes and market research through the GI calendar of events.


Be recognised as a company that genuinely and substantively operates from Ireland.

International reputation

Add to Ireland’s international reputation for being a great place to do business.


Benefit from our lobbying to Government and overseas agencies on issues that matter to your business.

Diversity and inclusion

Signal your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Guaranteed Irish welcomes businesses who are committed to creating a better Ireland.

When assessing an applicant for membership of Guaranteed Irish, we look at three core criteria; jobs, provenance and community.



Better jobs empower people to explore their full potential. Our members provide their employees with fair working conditions, long-term careers and opportunities to develop their skills and talents.


Irish provenance matters to consumers. Our members’ products and services are either created in Ireland or significant value is added to them here.


Guaranteed Irish businesses embed themselves in their communities, creating connections and nurturing relationships, ideas and progress.

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