Gem Pack Foods host bake along for Guaranteed Irish Food Month.

We partnered up with Dan Byrne from Gem Pack Foods to bring you a slightly different webinar. Dust off your whisk and grab your best apron – it’s time for a bake along.

In this 30 minute webinar, Dan Byrne, Marketing & NPD at Gem Pack Foods brings you through a delicious brownie recipe, ideal for dessert time or to be the star baker at a bake sale! Dan also discusses some simple kitchen wisdom to elevate your baking during Guaranteed Irish’s Food Month!

Want to Bake along with Dan?

Here is what you will need!

● 115g melted butter
● 300g Gem Caster Sugar
● Vanilla extract
● 2 eggs
● 95g Gem Plain Flour
● 45g Cocoa Powder
● Pinch of salt
● 100g chocolate chips

Watch Now: 


Webinar: Make Baking a Piece of Cake with Gem Pack Foods

Date: Thursday 18th of June 2020

Time: 2pm


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