OPINION: Brid O’Connell CEO, Guaranteed Irish on the Guaranteed Irish story, the iconic symbol for all generations.

Isn’t it time we all got behind it?

Guaranteed Irish is the national symbol for Provenance and Trust. As a consumer facing brand with a 74% recognition across Ireland, the Guaranteed Irish symbol helps you identify products and services that are all together better choices for the life of your community and for Ireland.

Only businesses that meet criteria around quality sustainable jobs, Irish provenance and community engagement may carry the Guaranteed Irish symbol. As one of Irelands most enduring, recognisable and authentic symbols, Guaranteed Irish remains a familiar mark you can trust to let you know that you too are playing your part in ensuring life in Ireland is all together better. It helps consumers identify products and services that are all together a better choice for the life of their communities and Ireland. There is no other symbol in Ireland to compete with it.

The Guaranteed Irish story. An iconic symbol for all generations.

For almost 50 years, Guaranteed Irish has been one of the most recognised and loved symbols in the country. Traditionally Guaranteed Irish was primarily concerned with the creation of jobs in Ireland and the provenance of the companies who delivered those jobs. By and large this continues to be the case though these days there are two key differences.

Today, when marks or provenance and quality abound for every facet of a good or service, it is not jobs in the simple terms of percentages and numbers Guaranteed Irish is interested in, but how good jobs help build sustainable communities across Ireland. Also today, we live in one of the most open economies in the world where many of these good jobs are sustained by companies, who though did not originate in Ireland have invested heavily and meaningfully here.

Guaranteed Irish carries out 2 core activities:

  1. Guaranteed Irish educates and builds awareness around the social value of good business and the benefits of buying goods and services from companies who provide quality sustainable jobs for people living in Ireland, genuinely operate and add value in Ireland and meaningfully engage with the local communities in which they are based.
  2. Guaranteed Irish promotes its members.

Why are businesses that carry the Guaranteed Irish symbol all together better?

In order to achieve the symbol, businesses must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. People & Jobs: They are businesses that provide quality sustainable jobs for people living in Ireland.
  2. Place/Provenance: They are businesses that genuinely operate and add value in Ireland.
  3. Enterprise & Community: They are businesses that meaningfully engage with the local communities in which they are based.

VISION: Our vision is that locally engaged businesses that provide high quality sustainable jobs in Ireland are recognised as being an altogether better choice.

MISSION: To educate, promote and lobby on behalf of Guaranteed Irish businesses.


  1. Trust
  2. Empowerment
  3. Enterprise
  4. Fairness

BELIEFS: We believe in our ability to affect positive change in the communities in which we live. This collective sense of agency is at the heart of why Guaranteed Irish exists.

Quality of Life: We believe that jobs are first and foremost about people and their lives.

Enterprise: We believe enterprise is at the heart of thriving communities.

Inclusivity: We believe in an inclusive, diverse definition of ‘Irishness.’

Guaranteed Irish, All Together Better.

Guaranteed Irish is an inclusive values based brand that is supported by businesses across multiple sectors to connect consumers with businesses who care about life in Ireland. With such a high standing role in its new format, the Board of Directors is also reflective of its broad spectrum of members. They include:

Now in its third year since its rebirth, it represents 600 business members who collectively employ 73,000 people in sustainable good jobs who in turn keep their communities alive. Collectively these companies turnover €26.2bn globally and €11.2bn here at home while contributing €475 per employee to CSR activity.

Enjoying a 74% recognition, no other mark of provenance or Trust comes close to it. And with 65% of the new Irish population stressing that purchasing from a company that provides jobs and contributes to the community is important to them- it’s no wonder that Guaranteed Irish has gathered new support from consumers who demand a sense of purpose int heir lives.

Today, Guaranteed Irish has also effectively become a PR and Marketing agency for its members- constantly promoting their members to consumers and showcasing the bigger members for their role in CSR. They host monthly events, round table discussions on policy matters and execute weekly digital campaigns for their members – giving value and currency to membership.

This is the 45th year of Guaranteed Irish and its theme this year is ‘Celebrating Irish Success Stories’ which was launched on March 1st in Croke Park to a full house. Guaranteed Irish is an iconic symbol, a national treasure, a distinct advantage.

Guaranteed Irish is the Irish advantage, isn’t it time you got behind it?



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