Studio Coffee Roasters Agri, Food & Bev, Retail

Following a long career in pharmaceutical finance Alan Phillips founded the STUDIO coffee roasters in 2017. Trained at Koffieschool Amsterdam under industry expert Kees Kraakmann. He is now a certified member of the European speciality coffee association.

Alan has long been passionate about food and flavour, evidence of this is a certificate from the London wine & spirit education trust where the sensory & tasting skills honed for wine tasting are now redeployed when carefully selecting what coffees to buy and roast.

The product offering is impressive with a range of 10 single origin speciality grade coffees from Africa & Latin America in ground, wholebean, capsule and cold brew forms.

The quality on offer has not gone un-noticed either, 4 UK Great Taste awards, 3 coffees honoured at the Irish food awards and a 2019 McKenna guide best in Ireland award.

The ethos of the company also extends into ethical and organic sourcing and there are plans this year to source direct from the farmer. The companies sustainable approach to coffee sourcing is mirrored at the roastery which is largely powered by renewable energy.

The company also sends its used coffee sacks to a social enterprise in Malawi that makes lunch boxes and shopping bags out of the used coffee sacks.