Q&A: David O’Farrell, Chief Technology Officer at Synoptic.

Guaranteed Irish member Synoptic is an Irish telecommunications market solution provider based in Dublin. 

David O’Farrell Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Synoptic talks what makes their business unique, internet connectivity & security in the age of remote working, and their plans for the future. 

Can you give us a brief history of Synoptic?

With offices in Dublin & Cork, Synoptic was co-founded by myself and my brother Paul in 2013. Both Paul & I began our careers in the Irish telecoms sector just around the time the market deregulated in 1994. We both spent 19 years working for prominent Global & Irish telecoms companies, after gaining years of valuable experience we felt we had the drive and ambition to set up our own telecoms company bringing high grade telecoms solutions to the Irish Business sector. 

Who are your typical customers and what type of solutions to you provide?

Most of our customers would typically be larger SME, Corporate or Multinational organisations with critical dependencies on their IP & Data Infrastructure. All the infrastructure solutions we deploy for our customers are Dedicated Private Connections with strong Service Level Agreements, this enables us to offer the customer peace of mind that the solutions we have in place are high-grade with first class 24×7 support. We also deploy a range of Cloud & On-Premise PBX Solutions, Managed Firewall and SD-WAN technology.

With the increase of remote working how important is Internet Connectivity & Cloud Security for businesses?

As a provider of high-grade Internet/Data Connectivity and Firewall as a Service Solutions the recent surge in remote working has demonstrated to us how critical it is for a company to have a strong Dedicated Internet Service in place. Remote workers who VPN onto a company network must be connecting to a secure network powered by reliable symmetrical bandwidth. Security on this network has never been more important, risk escalates with the explosion of exposure points and remote workers, the deployment of Next Generation Firewall and Advanced Security Suite is a fast-growing requirement.

What made you decide to become a member of Guaranteed Irish?

Going back to my childhood I have vivid memories of seeing the Guaranteed Irish logo on various adverts on TV and publications, I’ve always warmed to the brand and felt the sense of pride behind it. In business today, we felt being part of the organisation and to be able to display the brand alongside our own would only enhance our message and commitment in supporting Irish businesses, especially in these challenging times. Aside from the terrific support we receive from Guaranteed Irish, we’re delighted to fly the flag and be part of the organisation. 

What makes Synoptic unique in the Irish Business Sector?

 Synoptic bring to our customers an unparalleled level of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Irish Telecoms Sector. We have wholesale access to all the fibre networks and many radio high-sites across Ireland, this enables us to deliver the best possible solution and price point for our customers.

When a company is looking at improving their telecoms infrastructure, rather than going to multiple operators trying to establish who has network availability and at what costs, Synoptic are able to take ownership of this for our customers and ensure we deploy the best and most cost-effective solution available to them.  

What can we expect for Synoptic in the future and do you have plans to expand to other services?

We’re always looking at new and improved services to add to our armoury, we’re currently in the process of launching a revised ICT Services Portfolio with Firewall as a Service including Synoptic Secure, Synoptic Cloud & Synoptic Storage solutions.

We actively seek new international markets to deploy our IP & Data solutions to, Synoptic has wholesale partnerships in place with many global network providers, we currently have solutions deployed in the UK, Europe, US and the Middle East, and plan to actively continue to seek opportunity and deploy services to these regions. 



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