Q&A Profile: Rachael Gray Managing Director, Call Pal.

Guaranteed Irish member Call Pal is a Galway based customer service focused call answering company that provides virtual receptionist services to companies across Ireland. The Guaranteed Irish newsletter is kindly brought to you by Call Pal, for the month of February.

Rachael Gray Managing Director, Call Pal talks possible growth for 2021, the impact of increased remote working, how Call Pal has benefitted from Guaranteed Irish membership and more.

Can you tell us a bit about Call Pal?

Call Pal founded in 2016, is a customer service focused call answering company that provides virtual receptionist service to companies Nationwide.

Call Pal is built on one simple principle “People, Value & Trust”.  Adhering to this principle ensures we satisfy the needs of not only our clients but their customers as well. This allows Call Pal to truly become an extension of your business.

Our Galway based team of PA agents handle calls for companies in every industry vertical and have a proven track record of working seamlessly with small and medium-sized organisations and multinationals. We currently have a team of 12 staff and would envisage this team growing to 20 by the end of the year.

What are the challenges that you face in your business and how do you work to overcome them particularly in the current climate?

Our business faces many challenges from technology, to staffing to Covid-19. As we rely so heavily on technology, our aim each year is to invest in the applications we use. In Call Pal one of our primary resources is Telephony and we work very closely with our sister company Avita Communications to ensure our systems are fully redundant and always look for issues that might occur and try and find solutions before they arise. This year in particular with the help of Avita we will be undertaking two very large Telephony and software projects to ensure Call Pal are keeping up with client requirements and taking advantage of new technologies coming to market.

While Covid has affected our business from having to ensure all staff have the availability to work remotely and having all our systems setup for remote workers, I think this has just bolstered Call Pal and enabled he team to work differently while still offering great customer service to our clients.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for Irish Businesses that Call Pal can assist with in 2021?

I think the majority of businesses have had to re-imagine their working environment and have become more open to different ways to work which in turn can save time and money. One such result for Call Pal is that many businesses realised that they can outsource their reception duties to us. This has not only saved time and money but many of our clients especially the customers that have come on board in the past 12 months have identified how many of their calls were being missed. And when they moved to Call Pal, their sales and opportunities increased as no calls were being missed.

What made you decide to become a member of Guaranteed Irish?

I remember listening to the radio and hearing an advertisement for a Guaranteed Irish member and being impressed with the ad. An issue we sometimes face within our sector is when prospectus businesses believe we outsource our calls to another country. However, we are 100% Irish Owned and Operated, the Guaranteed Irish badge reassures people of this.

Do you have a special message (or offer) for Guaranteed Irish business members?

We would be delighted to offer Guaranteed Irish members a 10% discount for the first 3 months of service.

How has being a member of Guaranteed Irish helped during Covid-19?

In a time when everyone is being encouraged to shop local, having the Guaranteed Irish brand associated with our service is vital. We are an Irish owned and operated business and it is important that potential customers can confirm that with a mere glance at the Guaranteed Irish logo.

Having the support of Brid and all the Guaranteed Irish team has been fantastic. While it has been a very challenging 12 months, we are optimistic what the new year will bring to us and all members.




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