Guaranteed Irish meaningfully engage with the local community.

Regional Forums & E Learning Sessions

Guaranteed Irish hold events in regions across Ireland creating greater accessibility. In June 2022, Guaranteed Irish held it’s Food Forum in Cork City, bringing a national event to the south of the country. Member’s from across the southern region were invited to participate and showcase the talent in the area. Guaranteed Irish E Learning Sessions provide access, exclusively to Guaranteed Irish members, in areas outside their day-to-day expertise. Visit our events calendar to keep up to date with all of our community focused events.

Studyclix Sponsor a School Scheme

Guaranteed Irish have partnered with Studyclix, Ireland’s largest teaching and learning website. Studyclix has over 200,000 second level students registered and has teachers in every school in Ireland using the platform. Guaranteed Irish have partnered with Studyclix to promote their Sponsorship scheme for local Deis schools. Visit our recent blog post with further details of our partnership.

Looking Forward

Guaranteed Irish Members Impact on the Community

In 2023, Guaranteed Irish will provide an impact report highlighting our member’s impact on their local communities.