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19 April 2020

Increasing Sales Through Effective and Professional Tender Applications In this 30 minute webinar, tender expert Tony Corrigan, CEO of Orbidal will demystify public sector tendering and show you real-life examples of why more opportunities exist for Guaranteed Irish members now than before. Attendees will feel more confident and empowered to...

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09 April 2020

We have partnered up with Oonagh McCutcheon, the Corporate Communications Manager at IE Domain Registry, to bring you a webinar on how to grow your #SuperBrand business online. Oonagh will share insights and practical advice and demonstrating the importance of your company’s website in these unprecedented times. Research shows that...

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23 March 2020

Peninsula will host a webinar on Covid-19 Crisis Mgmt in the Workplace for all Guaranteed Irish members. The coronavirus situation is global issue that’s affecting businesses in different ways. This is why Guaranteed Irish has partnered with the Peninsula Group to host a webinar for all our valued members. This...

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05 March 2020

On Wednesday March 4, 2020 Guaranteed Irish launched Guaranteed Irish Month at Euronext Dublin (formerly The Irish Stock Exchange) by ringing the bell in the trading room to celebrate over 700 Guaranteed Irish members across various sectors nationwide, and all businesses operating in Ireland. The launch was hosted by Guaranteed...

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10 February 2020

Jim Corbett is the Director of The Food Institute, UCC. A food science graduate of University College Cork, Jim was formerly Managing Director of Bewley’s, where he led the development of ethical policies focusing on sustainable sourcing and carbon. A food industry veteran, Jim has worked in Ireland, the UK...

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